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Election Day Unofficial Results - May 20, 2019

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Tornado Siren Testing - February 06, 2019

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City Adminstrator

Ms. Judith Cantrell was appointed as City Administrator on May 30, 2019. Her ideas for the City are a refreshing change to anything we have seen in the recent past, including her push for positive interactions within the community. Seeking to pull the community together with a "love thy neighbor" approach, Ms. Cantrell has launched volunteering and student involvement initiatives, and changes are already being seen throughout town. Ms. Cantrell is dedicated to the taxpayer, and has spent many hours past closing time, working to find ways to bring our community back together.  With her open-door approach, Ms. Cantrell hopes to bring trust back to City Hall.    

Contact Info

Judith Cantrell
City Administrator
(903) 764-5657